About The Owner

Samantha is the owner of Reality Break LLC. She is a Type A personality who is always on the go, trying to balance work and life. Samantha put her self-care on the back burner until she had a breakthrough moment while drinking tea on her porch after a meditation session. She finally felt at peace with every aspect of her life and now craves that inner peace. So she created Reality Break LLC to help others find that same peace.

Our Vision

You deserve a break! Whether you need to take time away from the world or need a little distraction, Reality Break can help. We offer high-quality products (and services soon) that will provide you with an escape. Our vision is to make your life more wonderful by providing moments of peace, serenity, and contentment where ever you are in the world. We genuinely believe that adds to your life’s quality and makes you more present in the moment, which is priceless.